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Top Emerging Next-Generation Sequencing Company in Europe 2022

Life Sciences Review | 05.2022

Discover your microbial self

The BioArte, a one-of-a-kind microbial diagnostics laboratory based at the Life Sciences Park in San Gwann, has developed a gut microbiota test kit to enable individuals to embark on the journey to understand their body on a microbial level.

Josanne Cassar | 25.01.2022

The Malta Independent on Sunday | 30.01.2022

Malta Today | 02.02.2022

How the human microbiota can influence respiratory health

In a review published in Trends in Microbiology, the authors discuss the role of the bacteria and viruses residing in the human gut and respiratory tract as well as their interactions and link to severity of the disease. Profiling the bacteria and viruses residing in the human body could help to diagnose different pathogens and develop new targeted interventions, they say. However, they caution studies that identify bacterial biomarkers of respiratory infections are necessary before moving to investigate the causal relationship between microbes and disease. | 24.01.2022

Alternative Medical Approach Offers Long-Term Solutions To Underlying Health Problems

Did you know that there are millions of little cells living within your own body? It might not be the most pleasant thought, but not only is it a reality, but they’re also essential. When you’ve got the right balance of these microorganisms, you feel great, because they’ve been part of the human body for thousands of years. They’ve evolved with us, and each group of these millions of cells, called microbiota, is as unique as each and every human being hosting them.

gadgets Malta | 10.11.2021

A joint initiative between BioArte Ltd and the Ministry for Education.

The Ministry for Education has received 9,000 bottles of hand sanitisers, donated as part of an initiative by The kENUP Foundation. The sanitisers will be distributed to every educator in Malta. The donation was made in recognition of the sterling work done to ensure access to education in these unprecedented times. It was facilitated through the collaboration of The BioArte Limited.

Newsbook | 15.03.2021

Newsbook | 15.03.2021

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A local start-up, the Bio Arte Limited, based at the Life Sciences Park in San Ġwann, is currently working on sequencing the Maltese strain of COVID-19 with the collaboration of the Medical Laboratory Services at Saint James Hospital and expects to publish its results internationally by the end of the month.