Courses at the Institute of Microbiome and Applied Sciences

The Institute of Microbiome and Applied Sciences (Licence Number: 2020-018) is intended to offer niche education and training to complement the expanding life science research capacity in Malta.

The Institute provides the needed knowledge and resources to those working or studying in the field of microbial diagnostics and industrial microbial production.

The Institute of Microbiome and Applied Sciences will seek to offer a combination of Awards and Qualifications focusing on scientific research in the fields of clinical and industrial microbiology. The institute aims to upskill the competencies of potential learners through a combination of underpinning theoretical principles and practical applications.

With the growing interest in the microbiota field, there is still a bridge to be formed between the research and knowledge available and the practical clinical and industrial approaches of such information. The BioArte Institute if the first on the island to help health professionals to combine their current knowledge with today’s new practical approaches focused on microorganisms and their interactions with our health.

Programmes submitted for accreditation are Awards that form part of a Master Programme. Each module (course) forming part of the Master Programme will be offered independently to cater for the specific needs of the industry and learners who may wish to have ‘just in time’ training.

Upon the completion of the given compulsory attendance and the successful pass of assignments and examinations, learners will receive the Certificate of Achievement for the given course.

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