Lactiplantbacillus plantarum 30 capsules (3 billion CFU/capsule)


The use of Lactipantibacillus plantarum has shown protective effects against age-related memory decline in older individuals1, as well as exhibiting an immunostimulatory effect10 that could be used to improve the response to influenza vaccination in the elderly. It can also help to prevent and treat early childhood caries2 and combat pathogenic infections such as E. coli in infants11. Intake of L. plantarum improves irritable bowel syndrome symptom severity3, enhances intestinal discomfort, overall intestinal health, and defecation consistency5 and also provides chronic constipation relief effect7. It can also improve cognitive functions by ameliorating aspects of mood and sleep6 and relieve stress resulting from temporary load4. Due to its antioxidative effect on blood lipids L. plantarum can be used for management of cardiovascular diseases risk8, with potentially anti-obesogenic effects9.


Dosage: 3 billion CFU per capsule

Capsules per order: 30 capsules

Instructions: 1 capsule daily (morning)


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