Microbiota Gut test kit + 1 follow up test


This test kit includes 1 follow up test kit that needs to be taken 1 month after the first test.

Each test kit contains the following:

  • x2 feces catchers
  • x2 Danastool sample microbiome collection kits
  • x2 Absorbent bags
  • x1 Plastic safety bag
  • x1 DHL bag with the waybill
  • A leaflet explaining the process of personal data
  • A consent form for human genetic testing
  • Consultation with our microbiota expert to discuss recommendations based on results

Optional – In addition to this test, you can also choose to include the Permeability test.

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What happens once the test is done:

This kit includes 1 follow up test which needs to be taken 1 month after the first test, to track progress.

  1. Once you purchase your test kit, follow the instructions on the activation of your kit.
  2. Once you receive your kit by mail, make sure to scan the QR code that is found on the inner side of your box.
  3. The QR code will direct you to the sample collection instructions.
  4. Once the samples are collected, follow the instructions (via QR code) on how to send the samples through DHL to our diagnostic lab.
  5. When the sample has been received and processed, your results will be passed on to our microbial specialist who will analyse the results and create personalised recommendations for you.
  6. We will send you your results together with the recommendations by email (email address you used to register on our site during purchase).
  7. Once you receive the results with the recommendations, you can than schedule an online meeting with the specialist to discuss the results further.

All notifications and correspondence will be made addressed by the email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a gut microbiome test and a faecal test?

The gut microbiome test analysis the state of the gut microbial community by looking at what families are present and to what percentage within the given population. A faecal test, of which there are two; the faecal immunochemical test (FIT) and the immunochemical faecal occult blood test (iFOBT), both aim to test blood in stool in order to detect signs of precancerous polyps or colorectal cancer.

I feel healthy, should I try the gut microbiome test?

Unlike conventional medicine where you go to see a doctor when something is already wrong, tests like the microbiome test can provide you with inner knowledge of the state of your gut. This in return will help you understand your body better and give you tools in advance to help you continue maintaining your balanced state or even highlight certain elements that may become of concern if not taken care of. It is recommended to have the first test once you feel to be in your best condition in order to have a reference point in case you may develop some alteration of this status in the future so we can immediately check what has changed with respect to your healthy reference point.

Do I need to stop my daily medication and fast prior to taking my sample and sending it?

No. You will be given a form to fill out where you can include the exact medication you are currently taking. This will help our Microbiota Expert to evaluate your results whilst taking into consideration the information you have given us.

How long will it take to process my sample and get the results?

2 weeks once the samples have been delivered to our diagnostic lab.

Once I receive my results, how will I understand the analysis?

Once The BioArte diagnostic microbial lab has processed your sample, the analysis will be sent to a medical doctor / microbial expert who will be able to evaluate the results together with your answers in the questionnaire and will set up a meeting with you to discuss the results. If you have been referred to us by your medical doctor or a licenced practitioner, we can ensure to send the results to the referral person who will discuss the findings with you.

Do you ship the Gut Microbiota test worldwide?

The BioArte Gut Microbiota test is currently only available for those living in the EU.