IgG Food Intolerance test

Many people exhibit chronic food sensitivity reactions to specific foods. The reaction towards a given food group might be exhibited as an immunological reaction by an increase in either IgG and/or IgE antibodies.

Unlike the immediate effects of IgE-mediated allergy, IgG-mediated food sensitivity reactions may take several days to appear. Food intolerance* refers to gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort due to IgG antibodies which are sensitized by specific food proteins. Irritable bowel syndrome may also be linked to food sensitivity (IgG).

The test will quantify the titer of IgG antibodies which are found against 40 different foods including;

  • different grains
  • animal products
  • soya
  • beans
  • yeast
  • nuts
  • meat products

* The food intolerance tests are not the same as the food allergy test, lactose intolerance, or coeliac tests. We also recognize that the link between raised food-specific IgG levels and specific symptoms is not well understood in the medical community.

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Sample: Dry blood
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Price: 139 Euros
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Timing for test results: 5 Working days after the sample has been delivered to our diagnostic lab.
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Evaluation of results: The result will be sent to you directly. Should you require a consultation regarding this result, you may contact your medical doctor, otherwise, we can recommend you to our consultant immunologist.