Nutrigenomics test

A predictive DNA test that serves as a compass allowing you to identify areas of strength and weakness that guide you in choosing conscious behavior for a healthy life. The test identifies the presence of genetic variants that may be associated with a predisposition to develop a certain pathology.

This test provides information on the following:

  • Metabolic: regulation of hunger and food metabolism
  • Intolerances & Allergies: predisposition to allergies and intolerances
  • Micronutrients: deficiency of vitamins and mineral salts
  • Inflammatory: response to inflammatory stimuli

Additional test:

  • Pharmacogenomics: drug metabolism
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Sample: Buccal specimen
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Price: varies
  • The BioArte Nutrigenomics test
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    Nutrigenomics test

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Timing for test results: 4 Weeks after the sample has been delivered to our diagnostic lab.
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Evaluation of results: The result will be sent to you directly. Should you require a consultation regarding this result, you may contact your medical doctor, otherwise, we can recommend you to our consultant immunologist.