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About The BioArte Laboratory

BioArte Ltd, based at the Life Science Park in San Gwann (Malta), is developing diagnostic procedures for various conditions based on genomic and proteomic approaches. The company has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories in 2020.

We are the first group in Malta able to provide a molecular characterisation service of the human microbiota of various body sites (skin, vagina, nasopharynx, intestine) through an innovative and easy-to-interpret method of analysis.

Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art diagnostic tools in Malta for any clinic, doctor, or hospital and deliver results in the shortest possible time.

Vacancy: Senior Research Microbiologist (Microbiota expert)

We are looking for Senior Research Microbiologist, a Microbiota expert, to work at our laboratory at the Malta Life Science Park in San Gwann.

The main responsibilities of this role are:

Coordinate the activities of the Research Unit:

  • Implement the pipeline for nasal microbiota profiling using Nanopore and Illumina platforms.
  • Use different available tools to analyse NGS data and prepare reports on the analysis.
  • Install all the applicable equipment of the company; coordinate the maintenance of them.
  • Follow standard operating procedures (SOP) for maintaining laboratory equipment and facilities and reagents storage.
  • Follow standard operating procedures (SOP) for receival, check, characterization, storage, and archiving of test items.
  • Coordinate laboratory equipment maintenance and calibration with the maintenance officer.
  • Keep laboratory supplies up-to-date and using Quality Assurance techniques and assist with inventory, ordering, receiving, and stocking of laboratory supplies and equipment.
  • Maintain and organize Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s) and Certificates of Analysis (COA’s), as well as any other documentation required for technical information about laboratory activities.
  • Deliver pathogens handling training to new employees.
  • Identify new and most up-to-date methods and reagents to improve efficiency, reliability, and sensitivity of molecular and genomic assays.
  • Coordinate activities of RNA extraction from specimen/samples, PCR assays, and other molecular biology techniques on an as-needed basis.
  • Independently develop, validate, and implement complex genomics assays.
  • Perform genomics data analysis on nasal microbiota samples.
  • Carry out DNA sequencing on next-generation DNA analysers.
  • Follow the study plan.
  • Maintain data integrity.
  • Participate in study report writing.
  • Prepare scientific publications.

Mandatory requirements:

  • Degree in Molecular Biology or Biotechnology.
  • At least 3 years of experience in a microbiology and/or genomic laboratory involved in NGS.

* PhD in Microbiology will be a plus.

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