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We are happy to announce that we will be organizing our first Webinar for nutritionists & doctors interested to find out how our gut health kit can benefit their patients and clients!

Details on the webinar

Topic: The BioArte’s approach that is changing the current microbiome testing, from genus to species level, and how this can greatly change nutritional advice towards personalized nutrition and precise probiotics


  1. Microbiota – Why analyze it and how to detect it
  2. Nutrition and microbiota
  3. Therapeutical approaches for dysbiosis
  4. The BioArte strategy

Date: To be announced

Duration: 45 minutes

Process: Once you fill out the form below, you will be added to our list of attendees for this webinar. You will be emailed a Microsoft teams link during the day of the webinar to join.


  • Content that will be discussed in this webinar is for Level 7 professionals, so it is recommended that participants have a Level 6 or higher qualification in Biology or Medicine and Surgery.
  • Intermediate level of English as this webinar will be in English.