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First of its kind treatment for skin dysbiosis

Creating balance on two fronts: skin & gut

SkinDuo™ is a unique one-of-a-kind product developed by The BioArte, that is composed of 2 separate products that simultaneously target gastrointestinal health and skin homeostasis. When addressing imbalanced skin, it is also important to not only provide treatment to the skin but also assist in rebalancing the gut microbiota.

SkinDuo™ is a product that does just that. The formulation has been carefully selected and is composed of a topical mono-dose serum and a food supplement.

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The BioArte

A Rapid Molecular Intervention

The BioArte is an innovative player in the field of biomolecular research, highly specialized in researching the human microbiota and microbial communities in other environments.

The centre was founded in 2020 on the initiative of Manuele Biazzo and Christian Duchow, with the goal to become the bridge between health care professionals and the microbiome.

In-depth knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and a team that is consistently up to date with the latest in scientific research: Those are the genes in our DNA.

The aim of our diagnostic analyses is toward all types of microorganisms, ranging from those which are essential for our well-being to those which are pathogenic.

The BioArte Christian Duchow founder

Christian Duchow

Born in Hamburg, he is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical field and the founder of several Healthcare companies. He is considered a top-level expert in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Having established an extensive business network, he is keen on identifying business opportunities globally, sourcing the necessary associates, and implementing the strategic opportunities arising. His leadership is focused on the value of people and his ability to create teams and develop key people within them to achieve the required goals have led to his success throughout the years.
After holding management positions in several German-Swiss and Belgium pharmaceutical companies, he founded the PharOS Group in 2002, with offices in Greece, Cyprus, and Malta, and in 2003 he co-founded the PharmSol Group in the United Arab Emirates with offices in Germany, Malta, India, and China. Since 2016 he has been director of The Materia Company Ltd. and in 2019 he founded and directs the company The Bio Arte Limited in Malta.

The BioArte Dr. Manuele Biazzo founder

Dr. Manuele Biazzo

Born in Breno and raised in the Italian region of Basilicata, after a doctorate in molecular biology at the University of Bologna, Manuele Biazzo has gained a long professional experience ranging from the pharmaceutical sector to microbiology, as well as the development of personal care products.
For seven years he served as Director of Research and Development for a company based in Malta and was active in the health sector. Today he is a partner and director of The Bio Arte.

Our Services

Diagnostic & Microbiome

The BioArte ISO 9001:2015 is an expert medical pathology testing, research, and development laboratory working with global medical, pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, and clinical research organizations.

The laboratory provides a wide range of services in both diagnostic and microbiome research fields for both professionals and individuals.

The BioArte laboratory provides a range of services that includes:

  • Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
  • Immunoassay tests for Virology, Immunology & Biochemistry

The BioArte genetic PRS tests

Polygenic Risk Scores (PRS)

BRCA1/2 test

Food intolerance test

STD screen

Chlamydia test

HPV DNA test for Human Papillomavirus

HLA test for Celiac disease

Microbiota Gut test

Covid19 Real-Time PCR

Our Research

Published research articles

22 March 2023

Nanopore Is Preferable over Illumina for 16S Amplicon Sequencing of the Gut Microbiota When Species-Level Taxonomic Classification, Accurate Estimation of Richness, or Focus on Rare Taxa Is Required

15 February 2023

Topical Administration of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum (SkinDuo) Serum Improves Anti-Acne Properties

16 December 2022

Novel dual approach by The BioArte tackles skin dysbiosis

20 September 2022

Clostridioides difficile and neurological disorders: New perspectives

Our Collaborations

We collaborate with prestigious scientific private and academic research institutions.